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The Ultimate Guide to Attending a Luau in Hawaii

We know planning a trip to Hawaii can be stressful right up until the moment you sink your toes in that sandy beach. There are countless blog posts, articles and reviews to read through when figuring out where to go and what to see. In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of attending a Luau in Hawaiʻi - directly from the source! Everything from what to expect and what to wear to what sets Diamond Head Luau apart from others. We’ll also provide an easy way for you to figure out which Luau is right for your family, location and budget.

The History of Hawaiian Luaus

If you’ve never traveled to Hawaii or any other Polynesian Islands, you might be wondering what actually makes a Luau? How did they start? Today, the word Luau loosely means ‘Hawaiian Feast’. The literal translation refers to young taro leaves baked with coconut, chicken or octopus, which was a dish traditionally served at a feast. Taro continues to be a staple in Hawaiian culture to this day because of its

In ancient Hawaii (prior to 1856 when commercialized by the Pacific Commercial Advertiser) a feast was pāʻina or ʻahaʻaina.

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